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Lasse Horne Kjældgaard

Det Danske Akademi Billede

The Danish Academy

The Danish Academy is an independent institution founded in 1960. It is composed of ultimately twenty elected members, chiefly authors and literary scholars. The purpose of the Academy is to “work in the service of the Danish language and spirit, especially in literature”, as the regulations prescribe. The Academy is located in the former residence of one of the founding members, Karen Blixen’s estate Rungstedlund, where the members meet once a month for discussions and decisions about the prizes which the Academy has as its disposal. Among them is The Grand Prize of the Danish Academy, which is usually regarded as the most distinguished literary award in Denmark. Furthermore, the Academy arranges readings, meetings, conversations, and workshops with authors. Annually, the Academy hosts a weekend seminar of readings and criticism, where authors are invited to read their own unpublished work and receive peer-to-peer feedback. Also, the Academy holds a ceremony each year where prizes are awarded and motivated by the members. The Danish Academy merged in 1966 with the much older Society for the Advancement of the Fine and Useful Arts, continuing the activities of this Society, which commenced in 1759. 

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Det Danske Akademi Billede
Three of the original members of the Danish Academy, Tom Kristensen, Hans Brix and Karen Blixen during the academy's first meeting on Monday, 28 November, 1960.